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Designing Thankfulness Everyday

Posted by Bridget McMullin on November 25, 2015

I give thanks every day for the wonderful clients that let us into their lives.  Their trust in us is amazing!  Without their dreams we would not have such wonderful jobs. I give thanks every day for the talented designers that have come my way.  The eclectic mix of artistic talent, technical expertise, and unique personalities have given me a very special place to call work.  We all honor the space that we share and…

City Living and Distributing Dignity for All

Posted by Bridget McMullin on November 10, 2015

City life. It’s amazing. I will probably blog about this for at least another year. I forgot how much my mind and body loved the city. From a good art opening (on the docket) to a late night stroll through the park, the life a city offers is endless in its ability to surprise and delight. I am not the young part of the city anymore, instead I get to be the voyeur of the…