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We strive to create a positive design experience for all of our clientele, and a referral is the highest compliment a client can bestow on MDG.

Our client’s are just like you! Some just need help choosing paint colors or making selections for a new bath in their home, others want to remove the headache of construction planning and turn to our talented designers to guide them throughout the process. We customize your experience! From master planning your soon-to-be constructed home to furniture and accessories, our team does it all!

Where Do I Start?

A review from houzz

“I don’t think we could have accomplished what we did in our whole home renovation (and in the timeline we had) without working with the MDG team. We found a property and decided to renovate in September 2014. We hired MDG in October, completed plans and selected our contractor (through MDG recommendation), procured all materials in Nov and Dec, broke ground the day before Xmas and moved in last week (mid-April 2015). We were not novice going into this process…past houses all included various renovations. However, we had never attempted something of this scale and timeline on our own, so we decided it might be good to have someone who does this professionally help us out. (Did I mention we had our second child in January…..right smack in the middle of this process??). We hired MDG to help us with 1) design of a new floor plan/function for the home 2) selection of finish materials (fixtures, paint, trim, etc) 3) selection of the architect, contractor and suppliers (this was HUGE for us — to find the quality we were looking for especially in our timeline) and 4) they were a partner to us in project management.

“Nearly every surface of our 3,500 sq ft house including a kitchen, 4, bedrooms, 3 baths and a 3-season room addition was renovated. MDG was involved with everything except closet systems, fireplaces, HVAC and home audio systems, which we selected and managed directly. The result is more than I could have imagined. The space is gorgeous. I think the trim throughout the house might just be my favorite part!

“The hardest part for me was buying lighting and other materials without seeing them in person. My advice if you are going to embark upon a journey like we did with MDG? Expect to go on an emotional roller coaster if you have a timeline anything like ours. Otherwise, give yourself time to think through your needs and decisions. Be clear on what you need a designer to do for you and communicate that in advance, because a project like this is very complex. Trust the partnerships that designers have. These relationships pay dividends during construction and allow for smooth communication.

“Price and value… well, we spent alot more than we set out to spend on everything involved…about 40% more. But, we did it with our eyes wide open. We knew some things were easier done when walls were ripped out. We built our home to be exactly what we need and desire for years to come. Looking forward to working with MDG on phase 2: decorating!”

Chris & Kristina
Cherry Hill, NJ

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A review from houzz

“The McMullin Design Group provided us with interior decorating services for our dining room, formal living room, family room, powder, and sun room which included furniture layout and selection as well as window treatments, rugs, and wallpaper.

“After an initial consultation with Kristen where she learned what we were interested in accomplishing and what our taste was, McMullin Design Group provided us with multiple furniture layout options as well as various furniture, window treatment, rug, fabric, paint, and wallpaper options that we could select from for the rooms that we were interested in decorating. This was a huge help to me as we had just moved into a brand new home that was much larger than our previous home. We were basically starting with a blank slate and I was completely overwhelmed with where to begin. Before I contacted them, I spent many frustrating hours searching online and in furniture stores for ideas. I loved having everything that is out there filtered based on our taste and presented to me as a whole rather than try to decide on everything piecemeal and wonder if it would work together in our home. Plus, they have access to so much more furniture than I did.

“My husband and I love the ideas that Kristen came up with and we all worked together to come up with the final product. We are so pleased with the end result and feel that it truly reflects our taste and what we want our home to look and feel like.”

Haddonfield, NJ

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A review from houzz

“Bridget and her staff played an integral part in our recent basement renovation. We have used Bridget in the past and very pleased with the results so we expected the same quality of work this go around. She assessed our needs and space and after listening to our vision for the room, provided us with a space plan that was perfect. Bridget pay very close attention to the smallest details and provided us an incredible set of plans to go off of to finish the work. She’s able to see different perspectives and recommend ideas that may be considered out of the box but work incredibly well for particular spaces and usage. I would highly recommend using Bridget.”

Jim & Karen
Haddonfield, NJ

A review from houzz

“I recently remodeled a laundry room and carved out a master bath, new laundry space and added a large closet. Bridget and Kristen had an amazing vision for a comfortable and beautiful space. The plans they provided were very detailed, and Kristen’s assistance in selecting fixtures and tile was invaluable. I am very pleased with the final results and recommend them highly. They have excellent taste and helped me to spend wisely and well.”

Haddon Township, NJ

A review from houzz

“We hired Bridget and her firm to design options for a new space plan and interior design for our 3500 square foot condo on Lake Michigan in the fall of 2014. In addition, we wanted her firm to manage the procurement of all materials beyond what our contractor would normally supply and to work with our contractor to complete the project. Other than a few walls, the project scope included a complete redesign of space and full decoration incorporating our existing must-keep furniture pieces. In addition, we planned to travel internationally for virtually the entire time that the project was to be completed meaning that Bridget and her team together with the contractor were in complete control of the project.

While there were certainly some hiccups along the way, Bridget and her team completed the project with amazing efficiency and creativity. She managed to get us to think completely differently about the space, pick furniture, fixtures, and colors that met our spec, and manage the procurement and installation in a seamless manner. One of the mechanisms she used to great efficiency was to have us attend the High Point fall show with her and pick light fixtures, fabrics and furniture, a 3 hour visit to a tile showroom at the Mart in Chicago to pick tile, and a 2 hour visit to a plumbing showroom for fixtures. A few visits to Chicago to go over designs and we were finished. I think it says it all that while we traveled the world, virtually all design decisions and certainly all logistics decisions were handled by her firm without our intervention. This was critical as we were on the road.

In addition, post-installation and completion there have been some issues with drapes and furniture that fall within MDG’s responsibility. MDG has followed up with vendors and has effectively dealt with these “tick-list” issues.

While the budget expanded beyond what I had originally envisioned (big surprise), we are very satisfied with the final result. I will point out that we executed the design and build-out on a fast track basis due to our travel schedule. MDG accommodated this and indicated that the budget would suffer. So I have to say it was something I brought on to myself.

The fact is that at the end-of-the-day, a fast track design, accessory selection process and project execution was executed on track with the customary few issues and we are very satisfied. The entire process from start of the design to move-in was about 9 months. I would recommend MDG and Bridget to anyone seeking to do a complete remodel or new construction.“

Willmette, IL

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“Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you, once again, what a fabulous job you did on our Pittsburgh condominium. We love the wine cellar, my kitchen always gets rave reviews, along with the gorgeous tile everywhere and the layout you created. I can never leave the fabulous closets you designed. I am truly living the life of luxury on top of the world. You are so very talented. Thanks also to Michelle who was always on top of everything and ready to calm frayed nerves during the process. I can’t wait to get the beach project underway!”

Pittsburgh, PA

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“Our decision to hire Michelle and The McMullin Design Group continues to please us everyday. Michelle’s talents and vision helped us pull together a design plan for our home that reflects our lifestyle and taste. Working with Michelle takes away the stress of finding the right painters, wallpaper hangers, and manufacturers to complete the look. From inception to installation, working with The McMullin Design Group gave us peace of mind that our investment decisions for our home would be the right ones for us.”

Karen & Jim
Haddonfield, NJ

“If you want a designer who is enthusiastic, attentive to detail and creative in envisioning your living space, then Bridget McMullin is the one for you. In our experience remodeling our kitchen and family room with her, we found all of these things to be true. She listened carefully to our needs and desires, gently nudged us into considering alternatives we never imagined, and helped us along every step of the process, from the initial planning phase of the project all the way to picking cabinetry, colors, drapes and furnishings. She was also a team player and worked extremely well with our contractor. The results are still getting us compliments from family and friends as they see how we–with Bridget’s guidance — managed to take a family room from the 1950’s and a kitchen from the 1980’s and bring them into the present, while preserving the ambiance of the 1920’s house we love so much.”

Ingrid & Tim
Riverton, NJ

“I’ve worked with Bridget since 2002. Since then she has designed two houses and my husband’s office. She has come up with ideas that I never would have thought of and that enhanced the way we live in our house. She raised my dishwasher to ease back strain, knocked the master shower into a closet so we could have a built-in seat. My laundry room is a dream to work in and has tons of storage. Bridget is innovative, adheres to a budget [in fact, has saved us money because of her knowledge of construction] pays scrupulous attention to detail and is always receptive to questions. Her sense of color can’t be beat and her staff is a joy to work with. I highly recommend Bridget McMullin and her design group.”

Marlton, New Jersey

“The McMullin Design Group has been a great asset to us throughout the complete cabinetry decision process; starting with design and finishing with implementation. All of our team members truly appreciate the great cooperation and follow through experienced with MDG. Bridget and her staff bring an added level of professionalism and experience to all of the projects we have worked on together, and we look forward to continually working with them.”

Arthur Davidson, The CabineTree Design Studio
Haddonfield, NJ

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“It was a pleasure working with Bridget and her dream team. In this economy it was great working with someone who not only had a great vision but incorporated many of my existing fixtures. She brought the “wow” back in my home.”

Devon, PA

“Now that my interior design work is complete, I cannot begin to say thank you for my beautiful living room and dining room. I love everything and so do my two cats! I also want to take this opportunity to thank your staff and contractors for all of their assistance. Whenever I called or e-mailed anyone in the office with any questions or concerns, Angela, Tina and Maria provided an answer sooner rather than later. In addition, your contractors (Jim and his crew, Howard and Lenny) were polite, professional, courteous, and their work speaks for itself. I have no hesitation in recommending your group as well as your contractors to anyone who should ask. In closing, thank you again, and I look forward to talking to you and the girls soon.”

Philadelphia, PA

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“I had been working in my home for about a year when I got to a point where I was stuck in many of the rooms. I needed help picking colors, deciding on floor plans and just a second set of eyes to make sure I was on the right track. I saw Bridget of MDG on The 10 Show! one day, and she mentioned that she does 2-hour consultations where her clients carry out the projects on their own. I realized that this was a very affordable way to have professional guidance, and was excited to schedule my consultation.

Bridget and her intern were professional, friendly and it was easy to talk to them. They put me at ease right away, and we soared through my list of questions. Bridget is non-judgmental and understands that this is a journey. I kept an open mind, and I was so glad I did. Bridget took every concern I had into consideration and came up with the perfect budget-friendly solution. She helped me figure out where to save money and where to spend. She gave me the confidence to tackle one project at a time.

The thing that surprised me most was that there really was no pressure to have her do more work for me than what I needed. Because of that, I won’t hesitate to call Bridget if I get stuck again– or if I just want to have fun dreaming up more projects with someone who studied my style and totally understands me. My consult was definitely the most fun I’ve had in a long time, but it was focused. We made it through my whole list, and I could not be more excited to pick up my paint brush and get to work.”

Mike & Lori
Stratford, NJ

“As a builder and renovator for the past 26 years, a common frustration is that the architectural drawings we find ourselves building too lack a tremendous amount of detail, and many times, the final spatial arrangements of what we build are poorly planned. Since we started working with Bridget, and her designers at the McMullin Design Group three years ago, the pre-construction planning services have made a tremendous difference in the speed and efficiency at which we can complete projects, and the final product of our collaboration is beyond aesthetically pleasing.

“The spaces are functional, well laid out, and visually stunning. We find that instead of an architect just fitting together a broad list of rooms needed, in say an addition, the McMullin Design Group determines in advance, exactly how the customer wants to use the space in terms of seating, flow, furniture, architectural millwork, artwork, etc.

“A typical project might involve a six page architectural drawing which is the result of a back and forth between the architect and the McMullin Design Group, until the spaces are the size and shapes that they need to be per the McMullin Design Group’s overall design concept. Additionally, the McMullin Design Group provides supplemental CAD drawings, and specifications with exacting details of architectural millwork, tile designs, placement of electrical and plumbing fixtures, cabinet and built-in designs, etc. While all this might seem like an extravagance, it isn’t – It allows us to work faster and to be able to install fixtures and cabinetry faster.

“The homeowner also has a scale, visual preview of the final product, and can make changes, before things are built, thus avoiding costly change-orders. There is a general feeling on projects where the McMullin Design Group has done this pre-planning and design work, of “getting it right the first time”. These designers also understand and have a great visual sense of home construction – most designers don’t. On the rare occasion that I do need to clarify or ask a question, almost immediately they know what I am describing, despite my carpenter/contractor lingo, and arrive at a solution fast. It’s a pleasure to work with these professionals and I look forward to many years of collaboration in the future.”

Jim, general contractor
South Jersey

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