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Bringing Color into Your Kitchen

Posted by Bridget McMullin on May 20, 2020

by Story Garvey

Kitchens are notorious for being neutral-colored spaces. With white or grey cabinetry and tile so prevalent, even a well-designed kitchen can run the risk of feeling washed out. It’s important to incorporate color to make a space feel inviting.

Aside from a bright bowl of fresh fruit on the counter, how do we add color to kitchens? There are several ways to go about this.

Area rugs can really spice up a kitchen, and having something soft underfoot can be a blessing to anyone who spends a lot of time at the stove. The opportunities for pattern and color are virtually endless in this category, so let your creativity out to play. Choose something that’s durable, preferably with synthetic fibers – avoid wool or antique rugs.

Counter stools are a fun way to bring pops of color into the kitchen. These chairs are a way to continue a color theme that might be prevalent throughout your house. In this kitchen (as well as throughout the rest of the home), red is the repeating pop of color that shows up in accent furniture, accessories and sculpture.

Don’t overlook window treatments – they are design opportunities. Fabric shades in fun patterns are a great way to stylize a space. Traditional kitchens do well with traditional patterns like damask, modern kitchens work with bright geometric patterns, and ginghams or plaids pair nicely with the modern farmhouse look.


If you’re lucky, you’ll have something special already integrated into the structure of the home. The brick in this kitchen brings texture and color to the white cabinetry and neutral countertops. This space feels unique. Not every kitchen has a fireplace – embrace the architectural elements you have! This could include wood beams, paneled ceilings or even the subtle colors of a slate floor.

Artwork goes a long way toward making a home feel complete. Your kitchen is no exception to this rule. In a kitchen with neutral cabinetry, floors and furnishings, colorful artwork draws the eye and makes a huge statement.

Paint is a great inexpensive option. Because there’s generally less wall space in a kitchen, you can really go bold here. Choose a color that complements the other rooms in your house, particularly ones you can see from the kitchen. This will make your home feel cohesive. In this kitchen, dark blue walls tie into the banquette seat covers as well as an accent chest in the living room.