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About Us

The team at MDG is driven to help our clients realize their vision.

In today’s point and click world everyone thinks they are a designer, but to be proficient at anything in life you must actually apply the idea or method on a regular basis.  Through the dedication of practice, one acquires an expertise in their craft. From modest cottages to luxurious estates, small business offices to corporate headquarters, the designers at MDG hold a wealth of knowledge that spans decades of practice.

Today’s lifestyle is so hectic and demanding that it leaves little room for some of the most important things. MDG knows this, and that is why we aim to develop a trusting relationship with each and every one of our clients. Once trust is established, we are able to take the burdens associated with design off your back so you can enjoy the process of creation. From conceptual planning through the process of documentation, construction, and decoration, our experts will guide you seamlessly through to completion.

Our talented and well educated staff knows the language of your home. Please join us in this conversation on our blog or read about the other ways we make an impact in the design world.  Let us translate your vision into reality!

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