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You Can Never Go Wrong with These Four Wallcoverings

Posted by Bridget McMullin on March 29, 2016

Most people have a love/hate relationship with wallpaper. They love the impact, but they hate the cost. They love the options, but they hate the commitment. They want the pattern, but are scared of making a mistake. If you are phobic of wallcoverings but are open to the idea, consider these five neutral options to start your journey.

A Neutral Repeat

This “tiled” wallcovering from York Wallcovering almost feels like a wood grain or a marble tile.  Much like a faux paint finish, this look is more about texture than about pattern.  The subtle coloring makes it a great neutral.

A Classic Geometric

Geometrics are wonderful in both traditional and modern spaces.  That is why this “transitional” wallcovering is never scary.  Clients always worry that they are making too much of a commitment with wallcoverings, but to “make a statement” in the design world means to commit to an idea and go with it!

Go for Grasscloth!

Much like how brass is making a comeback, Grasscloth resurrected itself from the 1960’s about eight years ago and is a favorite of the MDG team.  Grasscloth can bring great depth to a neutral color- providing texture that is impossible to achieve with a paint brush.  It is important to know your product, as grasscloth will “panel” when applied.  This is totally acceptable, though, and is part of the charm of the material.

Neutral Floral

A tone on tone floral is the perfect solution when you do not want to commit to color but are willing to commit to a pattern.  Imagine the neutral room above with a tan paint color.  It would be sad and boring!  The neutral pattern brings a casual play to a very high styled space.

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