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Ten Rugs to Make You Happy

Posted by Bridget McMullin on January 24, 2018

I promise, by the time I finally finish this blog your views will change when it comes to “oriental” rugs. Let’s just break down the term “oriental rug”. In the context of rug weaving, this usually envelopes India, Pakistan, Tibet, and Nepal as your custom producers. The rug designs that are “typical” in the traditional sense belong to tribes in these regions. Different patterns weave stories of the people who make the rugs. The patterns and designs have been passed on through millenniums, each step along the way adding and deleting tales based on the times. Women have primarily been the weavers of these stories.

Now, most of my client’s would associate “oriental” rugs with two things- price & traditional style, and they would not be wrong. This was the situation for a very long time. But I chose to blow up that fact here.

Let’s start with price. The flood to the market of cheap wool rugs have mislead the public regarding the quality of “handmade rugs”. A well made, handmade rug will live with your family for generations regardless of your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren’s sticky fingers and muddy shoes. “Why buy something nice, my kids are going to ruin it, “ you say. As long as you are not spilling Kool Aid on the rug (and let’s face it- your kids should not be drinking Kool Aid anyway), this rug will wear with your family with the proper cleaning. The patterning in these rugs act as your friend, hiding most of the oops in your life. For generations nomads have used these types of weaves as the floors of their tents. So the idea of ruining these rugs is almost impossible to believe. So what is your money worth? Is it worth a new rug every few years, or an investment that lives with you for years to come.

As for the traditional style, I am about to throw that theory out the window.

Every morning I place my feet on this joyful area rug. Hot pink and yellow with a grey background? This is a far, far cry from the red& golds of the traditional past.

This beauty will be in my possession in 2018 as it is currently being handwoven in Nepal. With a $4000 price point, it is a far cry from the high range prices of the past and is an absolute original. I will never have to worry about finding a color to work with as the rainbow is represented in this fine weave.

This Suzani plays hot pinks, greys, and aquas as well as a myriad of other fun hues for a vibrant and family friendly choice.

Navy and yellow dominate this geometric weave. Imaging this gorgeous piece of art adorning your floor!

If super traditional is more your speed, this classic will help refresh your color palette.

These hot pink beauties could be played both feminine and masculine depending on the complimenting design.

If you rather not dominate your rug with hot pink, opt for this multicolored aqua gem.

This more traditional pattern will never feel traditional with the multitude of vibrant colors running throughout.

Feeling more conservative? These blues and greens with a grey accent could be preppy addition to your room.

Hopefully I expanded your mind in regards to the “oriental rug” market. All these gorgeous pieces are available through MDG. Give us a call!