Pictures of us Sitting on Things - Trust Us, We're Professionals

Pictures of us Sitting in Things – Trust us, We’re Professionals

Posted by Bridget McMullin on January 04, 2018

As we get ready for the High Point market season we’d like to remind you about our shopping expertise. As skilled sitters, we have special knowledge, gained from years and years of professional-level sitting on things. We know what makes furniture ideal for a good loungin.’

McMullin Design Group’s experts know what the most important features are in a chair are determined by its purpose. For example, a statement chair versus a TV chair will have different baseline levels of comfort.

No matter where a chair is going, we know how to analyze the sofa for comfort; is it too stiff, to soft or is it just right?  From seat height, pitch, width and depth, our team has put our buns through the rigors of furniture testing so you don’t have to.

We believe that our fine-tuned gluteus maximi are superior to the layperson’s, since they know how to feel a seat!

Do you doubt our qualifications? Here are some images proving our prowess in posterior positioning.

This Bernahrdt Furniture piece got four thumbs-up!

Kristen also found a stylish keeper in Bernhardt.

This sexy chair from Century Furniture not only looks good, it’s a nice comfortable seat when deep seating won’t do.

Their name says it all. Jennifer keeps her cool in this purple Hickory Chair.

Motion is coming back and it doesn’t make us want to throw up. Bernhardt’s power motion is easy to use and stylish in any room.

In fact, Kristen took a spin on a new power motion chair in the Sam Moore showroom.

This simple bench cushion at Robin Bruce is simple in such a dramatic room.

The perfect basement sectional awaited Jen and I in the Rowe Furniture showroom.

And checking depth while putting our feet up is so important.

All this sitting can be exhausting. Especially when you do it for 12 hours a day for five days straight. Jen knows when to take a break and recharge in the Vanguard Furniture showroom.

In all seriousness, I have had many clients ask how we’re able to keep all the thousands of different vendors we see at market straight.

In the 24 markets I have attended, it gets easier over time. The advent of easy digital images or your phone makes our job so much easier compared to the film days. Plus our consistent presence at market allows us to really get to know the lines we represent. We are like squirrels stashing nuts away waiting for the perfect time to introduce a piece of furniture to a client. A great piece is always sitting (HA!) in my brainpan awaiting the right time to be introduced to its new owner.

Looking for a unique way to dress your home?  Our team knows where to find the perfect chair to comfortably complete your space!

Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.