Five Reasons To Order Custom Window Treatments

Five Reasons To Order Custom Window Treatments

Posted by Bridget McMullin on June 07, 2016

Did you think that all window treatments were the same?  You thought wrong.  Here are five great reasons to order custom window treatments for your home.

Because they fit just right.

We all know that when a suit is tailored to your body it looks amazing.  The same is true for your window treatments.  Ready-made treatments are made to fit the most windows possible.  I say “fit” with a grain of salt, as sheering a fabric on a rod is not a sign of a fine treatment.  I would compare it to a “one size fits all” elastic waist band, instead.  And as all women know, elastic waist bands are the devil!

This tailored valance fits perfect between two cabinets.  The length of the treatment was scaled to accentuate the window perfectly.

Because now you can sleep without any light bleeding in.

When your home faces east you know that the sun can wake you up when you have flimsy ready-made curtains or blinds.  Every window has special needs.  A store bought treatment will never cover a slider correctly.  That is why measuring to fit makes the most sense when looking to block light.

Our client in Sea Isle City, NJ was looking for a way NOT to have her guests wake up at 6am with the sunrise.  We created these thermal black-out draperies with blue band detail that not only block out light, but they help cut down on the heat transfer from the sun as well.

Because you want it to look like an interior design magazine photo.

You love the look of a romantic drapery- tied back, full, and perfect!  But it confounds you why you cannot get that look from your internet-purchased gems.  Styling a drapery is all about fit, and if the treatment was not created for that exact purpose, then getting that look will be near impossible.  The density of the lining, the width of the panel, and the length of pole all play a role in how great that treatment will hang.

Our client in Mullica Hill, NJ had more of a traditional leaning when it came to her drapery.   Simple and solid faux silk was dressed up with a banding detail, tassel tie back, and leading edge banding detail that created a price sensitive treatment with lots of style.

Because you love THAT fabric.

I will tell you right now.  I am a fabric whore!  There- I admitted it.  I will roll around with fabrics all day long if someone lets me! Fabric is art, and once you get out of the Joann Fabric or Calico Corner state of mind, you begin to realize the endless possibilities.

My client in Chicago is a fiend for anything that reminds her of the islands.  She loves color and she loves pattern.  This tropical fabric gave her great joy!  Now every day she gets to see this great piece of fabric art with all the other wonderful textiles she has collected over the years.

Because you deserve it!

Jumping from Pottery Barn’s “plain-janes” to your own one-of-a-kind treatment is a splurge- but not one that is impractical.  Think about it, you are going to have these treatments for the next 15 to 20 years.  You want them to do what you want and to work the way you need them to work.  You want to walk into your living room, dining room, or master bedroom and LOVE your design.

This client in Paramus, New Jersey had never bought custom treatments.  She decided to splurge in her new home.  Now she says she will never go back!  She never realized the difference in the overall look and operation of the treatment.

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