Back It Up! Seating Highlights from High Point Market’s Spring 2017 Show

Back It Up! Seating Highlights from High Point Market’s Spring 2017 Show

Posted by Bridget McMullin on May 16, 2017

Most seating options are designed to be viewed from a relatively limited number of vantage points.

Owners tend to align their seating options against a wall so details on the back of the piece are ignored or thrown in as an afterthought, while the furniture designer concentrates only on those angles which are viewable from the front and sides.

From large manufacturers always looking to maximize the efficiency of their processes, this makes sense. Why spend the time and resources needed to design and build pieces that are appealing from 360 degrees when 25 percent of the item will likely never be seen? That level of attention-to-detail has long been exclusively the realm of artisans and craftsmen.

But trends in the seating world are shifting. The McMullin Design Group has found several options at The High Point Market’s Spring 2017 Show that would seem to indicate a more holistic view of seating design is on the horizon from manufacturers.

Back it Up!

This spring’s show had some great examples of seating with style that can be enjoyed from 360 degrees. These are pieces you can be proud to make the focal point of your room rather than (as most seating is) a complementary piece of décor.

Vanguard’s newest collection has a mid-mod profile with a customizable wood detail.

Michael Weiss Collection Sofa

Michael Weiss’s classic curved sofa has coordinating bookshelves that wrap around the upholstery to create the perfect floating sofa.

Century Furniture Loveseat

An upholstered sofa just needs a classic detail. This rear cut out with the contrasting welt makes this Century Furniture loveseat sing.

Ambella Home Chairs

Ambella Home’s chairs never disappoint. Be it an exquisite wood detail or an  unconventional fabric choice, you know you are only limited by your creativity!

Sam Moore Chair

The geometric wooden details on this chair from Sam Moore make it a tempting option  to perch at the entry to your family room.

Fine Furniture Chairs

Fine Furniture offers these two beautifully appointed petite chairs featuring delicate woodwork and charming fabric patterns.

Back to Basics

If you happen to have a large room that allows for more creative use of seating options, or you’re looking for a statement piece to be the focal point of an entryway, you may soon have more options at your disposal.