A Thanksgiving Meditation From The McMullin Design Group

A Thanksgiving Meditation

Posted by Bridget McMullin on November 21, 2017

I give thanks every day for the wonderful clients that let us into their lives. Their trust in us is amazing!  Without their dreams we would not have such wonderful jobs.

I give thanks every day for the talented designers that have come my way. The eclectic mix of artistic talent, technical expertise, and unique personalities have given me a very special place to call work. We all honor the space that we share and do our best to respect and support one another. Monday through Friday they may be my employees, but every day in my heart they are always my friends.

I give thanks every day for my health and the roof over my head. I work to help others realize these things as well. Design should always consider every aspect of you & your family’s well-being.

I try to keep myself soft and try to realize the small things even though sometimes I might forget. And when I realize I am forgetting, I turn course and center myself again. It is a meditation, one that I have been trying to diligently practice.

This week, I am thinking about all the clients who get to enjoy their new space with their family for the first time. Each job as unique as they are. May their homes be filled with love, laughter, and a gorgeously designed centerpiece to complement their transformation!

And always, I am mindful of those less fortunate. Our world seems less kind to them this year. May we find a place in our hearts and in our politics to remember who we truly are, American.   Being an American is a gift beyond any of our wildest imaginations. Those who came before us were mavericks, they were rebels, they knew they wanted a better life for themselves and their families. They fought for it and then those people kept fighting to imagine those rights for others.  That is all everyone else wants who comes to our beautiful shores- the opportunity at a better life. May we have deep empathy and compassion for those who have not found their path yet and may we keep our hearts open to help them find their way.