Lake Retreat - Medford Lakes, NJ Interior Design By MDG

Lake Retreat

Medford Lakes, New Jersey

Once you find your forever home, there inevitably will come a time that the whole house needs to be renovated.

Instead of doing this over the course of a decade, our client decided to get it all done in under two years. We worked with the client in three phases starting with the basement that opens to the lakeside.

The client wished to add two bedrooms to the space, so their children had a welcoming place to visit in the future.

Phase two included the completion of the second floor which included an update to all bedrooms and bathrooms.

We finalized our Lake Retreat’s transformation with a first-floor redo.

Flooring was updated throughout the entire home, trim work details and wallcovering was added to the vanilla McMansion spaces, and new furnishings were installed throughout.

The overall update represented the clients’ commitment to spending another 20 years in the perfect retreat home.

We used 3D Rendering (as shown) to help the client visualize the project. This helped expedite the process for clients who a hard time visualizing the end result.