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Farmhouse Fresh

Ambler, PA

Upsizing your home can be a daunting task, especially when you realize that your old aesthetic and new aesthetic are diametrically opposed. Luckily, there are no worries when the MDG team is on your side!

Once the contracted spaces were surveyed, the team created space plans and budgets so the client could hone in on a magical number for the entire scope of the project. The client also wanted to update the builder grade light fixtures and finish the spaces with window treatments – both for privacy and for decoration.

By creating a four-tiered budget, the client was able to find a number they were comfortable with so the MDG team could create a “Modern Farmhouse” package that met their budgetary needs. MDG chose higher quality items that would stand the test of time for areas that would be getting lots of use while specifying more price-friendly options in areas that were more for show. This allowed the client to decorate their entire home with a budget they were comfortable with.