The McMullin Design Group Offices - Haddonfield, NJ

MDG Haddonfield Office

Haddonfield, New Jersey

After 15 years in the business, I finally graduated to my own office!  Considering I can spend up to 60 hours a week in my space, I wanted it to be a place I enjoyed coming to. It needed to be a space to inspire my creativity by giving me the freedom to daydream while still spacious enough to get large projects organized.

Meeting with clientele was also an important function of the office, so I wanted to introduce architectural and decorative elements that would help the client understand how details impact space. The large format wallcovering was an impactful statement that usually gets client’s excited about the possibility of a wallcovering in their space.

Wall and ceiling details that push the boundaries of expected “trim” elements, as well as built-ins (ala IKEA systems) show how inexpensive does not always mean “cheap.” MDG strives to show our customers that it really is about how you put it all together. An adjustable-height command station saves my back since I spend long hours at the computer. Custom window treatments and a custom-designed credenza show examples of our manufacturers’ talents.

As with any office design, the spaces should not only reflect the services offered but also make the work environment enjoyable so employees are inspired to work hard!

This was our previous office and we have since moved to Cherry Hill, NJ.

Philadelphia IDA Awards Winner

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