Custom Tiny Home FAQs from The McMullin Design Group

Custom Tiny Home F.A.Q.s

Frequently asked questions about MDG’s custom tiny homes.

How big are the Tiny Homes?

We will be creating three sizes- 24’, 28’, and 32’ (as shown in our photos).

Can I customize my Tiny House?

YES! As Interior Designer’s we are all about customization. Our starting prices are basic packages with limited choices and prices will rise according the level of detail you prefer. We are very sensitive to your budget, so once we get started we can begin to work through the design process with you. We will ask you for inspiration images to help start the process or we can create a one-of-a-kind Mini Surprise where we do it all.

Where can I park my Mini?

That’s up to you!  If you are looking to locate yourself at the Jersey Shore (or any beach location), there are many seasonal campgrounds available, many where you can permanently park your Mini. We encourage you to do research to find the right campground atmosphere for you.

The beach campground on our website has a four year waiting list- way longer than most people want to wait. We suggest you start your Mini experience offshore and then move to the beach campground when it becomes available.

I live in Florida, can you build my Mini?

Of course! Minis are mobile. We would be happy to work with you remotely as we use 3-D rendering tools to design your Mini with you.

Can I transport my Mini on my own?

That depends on the size and your towing capacity. Towing a Mini is like towing a large camping trailer. The larger your Mini the larger your load. We highly recommend you use a professional when towing larger Minis.

How about the porch?

The porch is not included in the pricing. Porches are site specific, so pending where you plan to go/park your Beach Mini will depend if you can have a porch structure. If you purchase a Beach Mini from us and you know your site allows a porch, we will be happy to plan the porch layout with your Mini layout. Pending your location, we can recommend a contractor to build your porch.

How long does it take to get my Mini?

Average is 4-6 months from design to completion. Timing can depend on order volume. If you are looking to have your Mini by Memorial Day, we suggest starting your design process no later than October 1st.

How do I get started?

We have made the process easy. Your Mini Designer will work with you to ascertain the best solutions for your needs. Either your price point or your sleeping needs usually dictate the size of your Mini- and once that is established we can begin the design process. A $5000 non-refundable deposit is need to get started on your design. Once we finalize pricing, we will apply your deposit and request 80% on the balance of your mini. The balance is due when we deliver your Mini.

Is furniture, appliances & window treatments included?

Your appliances are included in the price of your Mini unless you opt for a different offering (we can design to any specification you wish). Since each Mini is unique and is designed for different budget points, furnishings & window treatments are not priced in unless you specify this service with your Mini Designer. We offer turn-key service (complete finishing of the space down  to your dishes) for a fee.

Is there financing for the Mini?

Currently there are no financing options, but we are working on it!

When will you start taking orders?

The response has been overwhelming and we are currently in the process of moving to new offices! We will begin taking orders beginning October 1st. We will be happy to schedule your appointment today. Please click here to fill out our information form.