Beach Home Minis - Custom Tiny Homes Made In New Jersey

Beach Minis custom tiny homes start as low as $70,000 and you can place your order as early as October 2019.

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Custom Tiny Homes

I have been a Tiny Home aficionado since my first studio in downtown Chicago.

Conveniently located off the back alley of my favorite bar and up a winding staircase, the tiny two-room space fit my lifestyle perfectly. Some of my favorite features included the floor-to-10-foot-ceiling closets, huge windows that faced a brick wall and a tiled-in-bath-tub-shower combo that offered approximately three minutes of hot water. Despite all these drawbacks (or maybe because of them!) I loved living there! There was something cozy and easy about the space that never left me.

Since those days in Chicago, I have continued to find myself drawn to smaller spaces. The ease-of-living and the minimal upkeep are what appeal to me most of all. In the past three years, I’ve gone from a 1330 square foot home to a 450 square foot studio to a 900 square foot condominium. This paring down of my existence is in line with my thought process of reducing my environmental footprint while also freeing up more time for myself. At this point, the last thing I want to do is spend my Sundays cleaning a house. My life feels overwhelming when there is too much “stuff” cluttering it up. When the burgeoning Tiny House movement infiltrated the collective consciousness, I saw an opportunity.

I bought my 28’ Wilderness trailer for $5000 six years ago as an early 40th birthday gift to myself. After renovating the space, I found that the trailer lifestyle was EXACTLY my speed at the beach. I grew up in a large beach home and as much fun as it was, I will never forget the Sunday cleaning after all our guests left. It wasn’t fun, and it wasn’t the type of experience I would care to repeat if given the choice.

My trailer was perfect. Minimal space meant less stuff which, in turn, meant less clean-up, which is a win-win in my book.

I sold the trailer this past year and have built our first Tiny Home on Wheels Model “The Moxie.”

I have now been a professional designer for almost 17 years and given my personal experiences, I am an expert in small living. That expertise has made it an easy transition into the Tiny Home manufacturing business.

Together with my hand-picked team of craftspeople and designers, I create one-of-a-kind Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOWS). We named the company “Beach Minis” because my first thought was of a beach campground full of beautiful Tiny Homes lined up in tidy rows.

But don’t be pigeonholed by my vision, these mini’s can live anywhere you can tow them to!

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