Family Planning - Cherry Hill, NJ Interior Design by McMullin Design Group

Family Planning

Cherry Hill, NJ

Our clients had waited patiently for the perfect house to come on the market in the Cherry Hill neighborhood they desired. Let’s just say the house wasn’t so desirable but the property was gorgeous! After experiencing the languishing chore of renovating homes in the past, our client decided to hire us to get them through the process from start to finish. MDG creates space plans that identified the client’s needs and wishes. We coordinated this planning with the architect and the contractor, and while they worked on all the technical drawings, the team at MDG got to work finalizing all the specification and finish selections with the client. With a baby on the way and stressors running high, the design team managed to keep the client up to date and informed on all moving parts. The final result was a family friendly home with lots of entertaining potential. Exactly what the client envisioned!