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Cherry Hill, NJ

Finding the ultimate real estate “fixer-upper” was our client’s coup! Understanding the amount of work needed to complete the renovation of this 15,000 sq ft Cherry Hill home was the challenge. The existing home was stuck in the ‘90s and poorly maintained. From damaged windows, to dated fixtures and décor, an unsalvageable kitchen and eight bathrooms, the house needed work in almost every room. The client was initially surprised when we completed a rough budget for the project, so he decided to minimize costs of the extensive renovation by managing most of the construction himself. But then COVID hit and turned this two-year project into a four-year project.

Adding personal style and elements of their culture to the home were important to these clients. They love rich and opulent hotels, a lot of gold, and mixing modern and traditional styles. But the scale and drama of the home were most vital to the vision of this design. The original home was 50 shades of beige and lacked detail. So, adding detail, texture, and color was the key to elevating this massive home.

We started the project by reevaluating the two-story living room, the enclosed kitchen with a large dining area, and the formal dining room. We suggested opening the walls in these spaces to a create a new cozy family room in the original formal dining room area. The eat-in kitchen provided more than enough seating. Then we reoriented the kitchen to ensure the island had central views of both the living room and family room, creating the perfect kitchen for entertaining.

A very large laundry and pantry were built between the garage and the kitchen, filling a void in the architectural design to become a seamless addition to the existing home. All our design decisions focused on how to best blend the existing with the new. Tile floors were kept in the main entry and formal living room, but the kitchen and family room area were updated with wood. Adding wood floors made these spaces feel more intimate and warmer – a big feat when designing such a large-scale home.

This multi-generational home also needed a second master bedroom as the existing primary bedroom was for the client’s parents. The attic space above the six-car garage was converted into another opulent master suite, including walk in closets and a master bath with a soaker tub.

The basement was reconfigured with a live-in nanny/caretaker suite, a media room, a playroom, as well as an entertainment area with a bar and pool table. Our client opted to use their existing furniture for this space for the time being and dedicated more of their budget to the other two floors of the home.

Once we mapped out the layout of the home, we worked on the opulent details the client wanted. To elevate the design, MDG created a focal point in the center of the home with a smoked mirror above the fireplace, grand gold chandeliers, theatric velvet curtains, cork wallcovering, and trim work. These details created the grand appeal the high ceilings needed. In addition, we refocused the center line from entry to backyard (instead of the fireplace), by placing a curved sofa at the center of the room, which allowed for a more inclusive entertainment space. The art and textiles added rich details as well as contemporary color. Black became a strong accent that helped ground the design, especially in the outdoor living space.

The existing outdoor living area and pool got a major facelift as well. Lots of seating options and a gourmet chef’s kitchen cabana create the perfect summer oasis right in their backyard.

This forever home is now a forever estate for our happy clients!