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Bay Beauty

Brigantine, NJ

Waiting for your dream vacation home is a lesson in planning and patience. After wanting to build their dream home for years our clients decided to tackle this project on their own, but they soon realized that the builder’s time frame and their own were not in sync. MDG’s team took the reins and completed the open items and identified potential issues that needed to be addressed. For example, the architect’s plans and the electrician’s final location of outlets did not coincide with mirror placement in all of the bathrooms- a small detail but one that limits the decorating possibilities inside a space! MDG supplied the contractors and the client with updated elevation drawings that identified the location of the new outlets, mirrors and coordinating lighting selections, thus solving the issues and giving the client the look she wanted. As stress mounted approaching the Memorial Day deadline MDG seamlessly stepped into the project, helping to manage the final selections and details that had to be completed in order for the contractor to bring his project in on time.

Finish detailing, lighting fixtures, furnishings, window treatments, and accessories were all completed by the MDG team.

Life’s A Beach