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Great Bar Ideas: Accenting Your Entertaining Space With The Perfect In-Home Bar

Posted by Bridget McMullin on February 19, 2016

When planning an entertaining space, be it a family room, living room, or kitchen, it is not unusual for homeowners to create a “bar” space.  I put the word “bar” into quotations because the concept of a traditional stand-behind bar might be all that you picture when thinking of an in-home bar.  However, there are many more ways to incorporate a bar into your space without being so literal and expected.

Chances are that a lot of your guests will land at your beverage area during the course of a party in your home.  By incorporating your bar area into a room that may not normally get a lot of traffic, you will encourage your guests to move throughout other areas of your home hence creating a space specifically for entertaining purposes. It is essential to keep your entertaining and practical spaces apart as much possible. For instance, stay away from putting your bar inside your kitchen triangle (stove, fridge, and sink zone), as you will end up fighting your guests for your workspace as they congregate around your bar.

Not sure how a bar can fit into your entertaining space?  Here are some ideas for a non-traditional bar.

The Hideaway Bar

This gorgeous bar is a favorite of our Haddonfield clientele.  It has hundreds of finish options and can even be mirrored on the interior.  The tambored door front is exquisite. Harden Furniture created this bar piece to also be a TV armoire for a flat screen.  Either function is great for us!

The Bar Cart

This is a simple, elegant, and fairly inexpensive way to get the bar feeling without a big price tag.  The bar cart is a perfect solution for the space challenged individual. This type of “bar” hearkens back to the “Mad Men” era, where cocktails were classy and your brown liquor was served neat.

The Butler’s Pantry

So you think you’re not classy enough for a butler? That’s ok!  No judgement here. You may find that making your pantry area a little fancier may make you want to have a butler in the future, though. This bar was created as a pass through space between a kitchen and a dining room.  During this Ventnor, New Jersey renovation, we carved out a niche for an overflow storage area that came equipped with a mini fridge and wine cubbies.

That Cluttered Desk Area? Not Anymore.

One of the worst design solutions of the 90’s was the “Desk in the Kitchen”. This clutter nightmare was never clean, and I believe it was a recipe for making moms incredibly stressed out. Who wants to see all the things they haven’t done yet staring them in the face all day long? Rooms with desks need doors so you can focus your brain on the tasks at hand!

During a renovation in Yardley, Pennsylvania we ditched a desk just to the right of the tall cabinetry, replaced the solid doors with glass, and purchased a new counter height cabinet and panel. Then inserted a wine fridge and complimentary tile, and VIOLA! A new bar!

The Statement

Creating a seating area with a bar space was very important for our Brigantine clients. Entertaining is a way of life in this bay side home, and our clients knew the bar was going to be the first thing seen when their guests came to visit. Using live edge wood, a custom colored finish, a wood paneled wall, and white coral sconces, MDG created a special space to sit back and relax.

What in-home bar area do you like the best? We’d love to hear your thoughts!