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Posted by Bridget McMullin on July 10, 2019

A case study in kitchen renovation budgets.

Our Sicklerville client wanted to break out of the typical kitchen renovation.  They wanted to move their kitchen to their unused dining room and create a large open plan design. They also knew they wanted to add a little bling!



Our client’s budget was initially too low for their goals, which we discussed at our first meeting.  To help them understand the budget, we created several different space plans that included different sized kitchen spaces along with correlating prices for those proposed kitchens. This gave them the chance to see how the size of the kitchen and the number of cabinets would affect the overall cost of the project.

The fact that the client wanted to move the whole kitchen 10 feet added an undeniable cost that could not be negotiated. So, the quantity of products, as well as the quality of those products, had to dictate the budget. Once they picked their plan and understood that the budget was going to be higher, MDG then moved forward with the selection process.

We wanted the backsplash to stick out as a large focal point.  With the addition of some pantry cabinets, there was no need for the upper cabinets along the stove wall.


Kitchen Design

Designer Pantry


We took the opportunity to add the “bling” tile to the project.  This stone and metal backsplash created a show-stopping feature that set the tone for the rest of the kitchen.


Designer Kitchen


The simple grey and gold palette was a warmer palette than the typical grey offerings.  The combination of the grey, golds, and beiges that are already throughout the house add an overall continuous aesthetic that the client can build upon for years.  The stylish light fixtures, appropriate furnishings, textural window treatments, and the pop of color art finish a clean and contemporary space.


Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design