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Creating the Perfect Home Workspace

Posted by Bridget McMullin on June 27, 2019


I hate working from home.  This feeling comes from a few places.  First, I am not interested in making my home an office.  I want my home to be a place of relaxation.  Second, I just don’t have an efficient space to work!  Having a dedicated space to spread out, I believe, is the key to a successful home workspace.

We have helped many clients transform their home offices into efficient home workspaces.  At MDG, we not only take into consideration the need for a practical work area, but also the overall aesthetic so the workspace blends with the room itself.  There’s nothing like an oversized desk to kill a design intent!

Another bonus with our designs is that they are totally kid proof!

WHAT?  How do you make anything kid proof these days?  By choosing materials that will withstand the battles of the babes, that’s how.

All of the following designs are done with laminate. Yes, you read that right: laminate.  These wooden designs are really laminate wood wannabes. Your eye may not be able to tell the difference but your pocketbook sure will know.


Weekday Work Warrior Audubon, NJ

Our client was going to begin a longish road to retirement, agreeing to work more from home.  She liked the concept, but knew her existing workspace was not going to cut it.  She wanted to create a space that was clean, neat, and organized.  She didn’t want the space to feel like an office, but more an extension of her home.  By creating this custom desk, we were able to expand her work surface and add space for a printer and an extra monitor.



Basement Bookkeeping Princeton, NJ

Keeping the home organized is not a small task.  Our Princeton client wanted a space to spread out and get organized.  The general footprint of the room allowed for a generous desk space and storage.  Projects both large and small can now be tackled and limited to this work/play space (instead of the kitchen table).



Glamour Games Newtown, PA

Desk or vanity? Our client didn’t have to decide in her dedicated dressing room, as this custom piece is designed to act as both.  I can personally attest that there is nothing like a space to “get ready” in.  In fact, I didn’t know how awesome it was until I dedicated an extra bedroom in my home as a “dressing room”.  I found that I spent loads of time in the space enjoying the art of getting ready.



Dedicated to Design Haddonfield, NJ

This zebra wood laminate shows up with amazing vertical detail in this console piece.  With plenty of file storage and storage for all things a design studio might need (paper, markers, tools), this console is not only nice to admire, it is practically perfect.