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Being Bold!

Posted by Bridget McMullin on May 03, 2016

Kristen & I checking out all of the color in the Currey Showroom!

Grey is the new beige……and we are sooooooo over it!  Sure, we can do grey.  We do grey every day.  Grey and navy, grey and powder blue, grey and spa blue… you get the idea.

Selamat’s retro vibe harkens back to a 40’s style Floridian glam.

At this year’s High Point Market we were inspired by the spaces that showed color!  They were bold, inspirational, and fresh.  Color stood out while the grey and boring showrooms left Kristen and I feeling uninspired.  Unremarkable would be a better descriptor.   While Joanna Gaines flash-in-the-pan “Texas” style permeated the ad space, it also seemed that the furniture vendors were racing to following the trends rather than setting them.  Kristen went to check out Joanna’s new furniture line and was shocked by the overall quality of the furnishings.  When I asked her what she expected, she said she thought since her show was all about family and this concept of reuse and sustainability, her furniture would follow suit.  She was disappointed to find China quality imports that looked like a Ballard catalog collection of things past.  We’ve seen it all before.  Joanna Gaines has polished the apple but she didn’t even bother to bake a pie!

A bold navy feels updated with these classic gold pendants at Universal.

Vanguard makes us think of spring with this happy green.

At the end of the day we were bored, and so were all of the other designers I spoke with along the way.  So I guess it is up to us to set the new trends.  Me, I want color.  I want yellows and greens, blues and rusts!  I want fun and inspiring shades that challenge my clients and make each room unique and not “Joanna-fied”.  What’s the point of hiring a designer if you can’t create a space that is uniquely yours!

Bernhardt chose this rusty red to highlight this transitional collection.

I’m calling it now.  This rustic “farmhouse” style is going to be the 80’s pickled cabinets of 10 years from now.  It’s going to feel dated. So 2015!

Rowe fancied Peacock paint and bold accessories to create a fun office space.

Highland House inspires us with this gold sofa and art.

If you are ready to set design trends in your home, The McMullin Design Group is ready help with a fresh and timeless look.  Contact us today or call 856.673.0290.

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