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Bay Sunsets

Avalon, New Jersey

Attempting a renovation while living over one hundred miles away can be a daunting task. Our client learned this the hard way the winter prior to our involvement in the project.  When she arrived at her renovated home on Memorial Day weekend, expecting everything to be completed, she found sub-par work throughout her home. She vowed to find someone new to help her through the next phase of the project.

Our task was to complete the entry, living room, and kitchen. The client had already engaged with a kitchen company, so we reviewed the plans and recommended some design edits that would help maximize the space, like a seating banquette under the shutters, which would open up the kitchen space and add some more storage. We also introduced the client to a local contractor who we knew would do a quality job on her project.

Once the construction elements were confirmed, we began working on the decoration portion of the project.  Since the need for the furnishings was low, our client opted to “splurge” on her sectional & bench seat cushions by adding a stain-free fabric.  The rest of the items fell nicely into the good category.

The MDG team checked in with the contractor on a regular basis and inspected work as the project moved forward. The client was updated weekly on the progress of the project and was only bothered by details if we felt they compromised the end result.  MDG made sure the project was professionally cleaned upon completion and all furnishings were installed for the move in date.  The final result highlighted the small space and added great value, even on a budget.