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Rental Renovation

Avalon, NJ

Jumping into the real estate vacation market can be stressful, but proper planning and attention to the wants and needs of the potential rental market can help you get top dollar for your place.

This three-bedroom condo, two blocks from the beach, was ready for a full renovation. All the bathrooms were from the 1960s and the kitchen harked back to the 1980s. We worked through budgeting with the client, which was landing at about $125,000. That was more than the client wanted to spend, but with the scope of the work plus the furnishings, it was as “budget-friendly” as you could get without doing construction yourself. To keep the costs down, we salvaged bamboo flooring throughout the home and decided to reuse a good portion of the bedroom furniture. But because of the age of the condo and the decades of minimal upkeep, there were some necessary updates.

MDG worked to select finishes that were budget-friendly and combined them all in a way that would give an elevated visual impact, while adding function to the spaces. The biggest transformation was forgoing a table and adding an island to the kitchen.

Our client was able to get an extra $1000 per week from rentals after the renovation.