Countdown to Summer - The McMullin Design Group Brigantine, NJ

Countdown to Summer

Brigantine, New Jersey

Our clients were on a mission to find their first summer home in Brigantine, New Jersey.  After a long hunt, they found a beach block home that fit their needs perfectly… except there was no furniture and a clock ticking down to summertime.  As busy professionals, our client knew the project was too big for their abilities, so they trusted the talented design crew at MDG to take over.

They did not want to paint or change any carpets, so MDG worked with the existing spaces and colors to bring together a budget-friendly design.  There were several challenges to the design, including the awkward layout of the living room, but the designers were able to come up with a solution that maximized the seating.  The fireplace was the only construction element updated.  Wallcoverings were added to create visual interest in a few areas of the home and to break up the same neutral color throughout.

Once the entire home was delivered and installed, the client realized that there was something missing.  The large house was in need of accessories!  Once again, the client engaged the team to shop locally and place the finishing touches throughout the spaces.  The client was ready for summer fun in no time!