Second Phase Transformation - Haddonfield, NJ Interior Design

Second Phase Transformation

Haddonfield, NJ

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither was this renovation. Designing your dream home can be overwhelming, so some clients opt to complete renovations in multiple phases. One Haddonfield client did just that, starting with a first-floor redesign and the addition of an outdoor living space. Once that was complete, they opted to repurpose existing spaces to better fit their lifestyle, creating a basement that makes a statement, a beautifully functional office and dressing room combination, and a hang out space.

The second phase of this renovation focused on the basement, second floor, and attic. These clients have a special connection with a vineyard in Bordeaux, France and wanted to bring a little piece of Chateau Margaux to their New Jersey home. So, we transformed the basement, formerly used for excess storage, into a custom temperature-controlled wine room with an authentic wine barrel imported from France for a table setting and a commissioned three-panel art piece of the vineyard itself!

Both clients on this project work from home, and each needed their own workspace. They wanted to create an organized and aesthetically pleasing dressing room that could double as a home office for Zoom meetings. So, MDG transformed an unfunctional guest room with rolling rack storage into a chic office.

We wanted to utilize the attic for storage while also creating a livable space. We designed a closed off “closet” where the clients could store boxes and seasonal décor. Then we created a workspace and play area on one side of the closet, and a cozy reading nook and hangout space on the other. Now the attic is adorned in jewel tones, and our clients still have all the storage space they need.

But that’s not the end of this renovation just yet! There are still projects in progress on the second floor. Two phases down and one to go in this forever home!