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Ambler, PA

This husband-and-wife business team was ready to start paying attention to their 20-year-old home. After working endless hours to build their business and to care for their family, our clients were ready to elevate their builder grade home to the house of their dreams. No surface of this 6000-square-foot home will go untouched after all work has been completed.

This two-phase project started with a renovation of the entire first floor. Like most “McMansion” homes of the early 2000s, space was the commodity, not details. From flooring to heating, office to laundry, every space was considered for the next 20 years. Our client was ready to add an addition to make the kitchen larger, but through MDG’s space planning exercises, we showed that they could extend the laundry room into an unused area of their garage, thus giving them the chef-style kitchen that the husband had always dreamed of.

This pre-COVID project was realized just in time, as MDG updated the disorganized (single) home office into a collaborative working space for both husband and wife.

The MDG team is currently working on the transformation of the second floor and attic.