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Just in Time

Haddonfield, NJ

This client had a big to-do list, and the MDG team helped create the map to get it done!

Our Haddonfield client bought their new digs in 2018 and was ready to personalize this forever home. MDG assessed the entire project which included decorating the first floor, building an outdoor space, finishing, and decorating the basement and decorating and refreshing the second floor. After our assessment, we provided a test map and a budget for the entire scope of the project.

We began by tackling the first floor update. The house is fairly new, so MDG just massaged some areas of the plan to meet the needs of the client. We updated all the builder grade lighting, addressed some walls as focal points, and added built-ins as well as a bar.

The basement and second floor are now in planning for completion sometime late next year. This six-year-long process will eventually allow the client to get everything on their wish list!