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Forever Home

Furlong, Pennsylvania

Our clients loved their home and were ready to update the 1970s structure to a more current feel that reflected their tastes and lifestyle. Three major projects were on the horizon: a two-story addition (including a first floor Laundry, Mudroom and Powder Room), a second-floor Master Suite and a refresh of the first floor.

The plans for the addition were already completed when MDG was brought to the team, so we reviewed the current plans and got right to work helping the client select all the finishes for the bathroom. This kept the contractor on schedule! While the work on the addition progressed, MDG planned and completed the updates to the first floor.

The client envisioned a more open space and was willing to do extensive interior and/or exterior work if it meant a better layout downstairs. MDG proposed a radical change to the first floor. We removed the existing foyer and created one large living room that was divided into a foyer and a seating area. This allowed us to create multiple wider openings to the living area, which highlighted the sight lines to the currently unused living room space.

We then reoriented the family room away from the fireplace allowing for more seating and better use of the overall space.

The kitchen, which had been renovated 10 years prior, was used as the basis for the overall color scheme with its yellow cabinets and terra-cotta flooring. The Navy-blue accents were the perfect combination of the earthy tones of the flooring and the buttery detail of the cabinetry.

This update created a home that was reflective of the client’s entertaining lifestyle and growing family.