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Condo in White

Sea Isle City, NJ

Patience is a virtue when creating your destination home! Extensive planning, a recession, a big move at your full-time home, and a phased construction process can make years feel like a blink of an eye. Our client’s growing family, which now includes ten grandchildren, was the catalyst for getting this vacation home summer-ready. The ill-functioning kitchen needed a re-haul, the bathrooms had been extended well past their life cycle, and the fights for beds were becoming numerous. By holistically planning the condo’s design and decoration and using the majority of the client’s existing furnishings, MDG was able to deliver a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing home for the whole family.

The MDG team was brought in early on this project. The client had been working with an architect but soon realized that the attention to interior detail that they were expecting were not part of the scope of services. Considering the core structure of this building was a fixed element that could not be moved, MDG worked with the architect to make subtle changes to the plan that considered the client’s existing furnishings, enhanced areas for built-in storage, and maximized efficiency for entertaining up to fifteen people at one time. MDG redesigned the kitchen layout to accommodate the preparation of large meals, and reconfigured one bathroom to accommodate more storage. MDG’s designers walked the client though the process of finish selections including tile, flooring, cabinetry, and counters. The client opted to have The McMullin Design Group manage the project since their full time home was over five hours away. Millwork drawings for the built-ins and trim molding details were supplied along with bids for the work. Once the core elements of the design were completed, MDG presented final decorating schemes that incorporating about seventy five percent of the client’s existing furnishings. The purchasing team ordered, managed, delivered, and installed the entire package.

Kitchen in White: Before & After

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